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Resolution of software issues
Mantenimiento informático Internet, e-mail, viruses, installations and application errors create some of the most common issues which without a maintenance service can cause delays, data loss, etc.

Internet is one of the 'miracles' of our times which enables communication, work and access to all types of information; but at the same time we have to face all its risks which can cause us more than one problem. Even the everyday use of your applications, Internet and e-mail can raise unforeseen problems.

There are many reasons but only one question: Can you afford these types of problems?. Thanks to us this is not necessary as we can give you a no commitment proposal at a very competitive price.
Mantenimiento informático
Computer, lap-top and peripheral repairs
Reparacion de equipos infomáticos In addition to the software problems you can face during the use of your computer or mobile device your computer, lap-top, monitor and printer can have technical problems. We perform failure diagnostics and offer a fast solution so that your equipment is in working order as soon as possible.

In addition we provide you replacement equipment for the duration of the process so you do not need to worry about falling behind in your work.
Reparación y venta de ordenadores y periféricos
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