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SMS sending platform
Today communication with your customers is essential; whether to notify them about an appointment or to promote an offer, our SMS sending system offers the ideal conditions to achieve this goal. It is a universal system so you don't have to worry about the messaging program that you use; every SMS always arrives, regardless of mobile being used. In addition it is fast and reliable and with our sending tool you can have your own address book and manage your messages easily and autonomously.
Video surveillance
Another service we offer for your comfort and tranquility is the installation of video surveillance systems so you can control your business from outside your company or business. Whether it's via Wi-Fi or cable, with or without recording, you can obtain this deterrent method for your employees and to prevent possible theft. Tranquility and security for when you are away from the office at an irresistible price (from 300 Euro)
IT security training for employees
The Internet has changed the way we work and relate with the world around us and cyber delinquency is just one more profession for some people. Unfortunately web pages, social networks, email and use of equipment connected to the internet require the user to be responsible not to encounter bad experiences with viruses, troyans, worms, keyloggers, adware and other types of malware.

In AST System we have seen that employee IT security training is necessary so that they understand the dangers and are part of the solution instead of the cause of the problem.
For this reason we have created a specific IT security user level course with which your employees can put in place controls NOT to compromise the security of your company.
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