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IT equipment provisioning
Venta de material informático If you want to set up your office from zero or upgrade your IT equipment we can assess for you what type of equipment best suits your needs, provide the computers, servers, printers, mobiles devices or software licenses you need and all this at a competitive price.

But we do not only provide you the equipment, but completely configure it so that you can start working immediately.
It the case of upgrades we also perform a complete user profile migration so that your new equipment includes your e-mail account, documents, favorites, printer set-ups and program configurations.
Mantenimiento e instalación de redes
Network configuration and maintenance
Mantenimiento e instalación de redes To be connected is fundamental. We find the best option for your equipment network setting-up and configuring the cabling, switches, routers or firewalls you require.

The network is the basis of your communication and is fundamental for the speed and safety of your company.
We help you with your purchase and configuration of the firewall, encrypted Wi-Fi networks, routers, manageable switches, Hot Spots, cabling, rack cabinets, QoS, balancers... Additionally we provide you network support and the option to obtain a certificate.
Mantenimiento e instalación de redes
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