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Our department is formed by lawyers and economic experts with years of experience in financial and labor force consulting for all types of companies and freelancers.
Our main objective is to join our clients in the management of their company reaching the maximum financial savings, optimizing the management of their workforce and taking care of them in the development of their business project in general.
Financial area
If your company is already in place and you choose us we perform a complete revision and analysis of the tributary situation of your company to identify and correct any possible financial irregularities as well as analyze and structure your company to be able to reach the most financial advantages possible.
If you need us to help with the start of your company we analyze which legal form is best for you based on the type of project you want to develop and the resources available.

  • We complete all mandatory tax statements.
  • We assist and represent our clients in all management and tax inspection procedures.
  • We attend the notifications received from the Tax Agency.
  • We manage the recovery of VAT in case of irrecoverable debts.
Asesoría fiscal de empresas
Legal area / commercial
We constitute all types of company legal types specializing in the on-line constitution. Through the on-line system the company is constituted in a week with costs for Notary and Mercantile Registry much lower than the traditional ones.
We perform all types of statutory changes: increases and decreases in capital, change of name, address, and dissolutions of companies.
Asesoria mercantil juridico
Labor area
On the basis of staffing needs that need to be met we analyze in each case which is the necessary contract in order to enjoy reductions in the Social security contributions. We manage the preparation of payroll and social insurance.
  • We represent the employer in dealing with its workers.
  • We assist the company facing the social security inspections.
Asesoría laboral
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