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Today it is essential that your business is accessible via the Internet.
If it is to create your corporate image, create a virtual shop (to sell your products 24 hours a day) or provide services to your customers via the web; your presence on the internet enables you to improve your sales and reach all your potential clients.

We assess your requirements and help you develop a modern, elegant and effective web page. In addition thanks to our management modules you can change content, images, news, etc. to ensure your web is always up to date.
Web positioning - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Social media
Would you like your web page to appear on the first positions in the search results of the major search engines? Would you like to increase your revenue without a large investment? Do you need to promote and market your product?
Nobody doubts the importance of positioning your business well in the search engine results. That a why A WEB WITHOUT ADVERTISING IS LIKE NO WEB AT ALL.

Without a doubt the fastest way is to purchase sponsored links (SEM - Search Engine Marketing), AST System can develop for you a specialized campaign by identifying the best keywords in relation to their cost vs. benefit to optimize your investment.

In addition to SEM, SEO is the perfect combination to optimize your positioning. It is more economical and possibly more effective in the medium term and consists of creating or updating a web page taking into account how the Internet search engines work, their methodology or indexing, web page organization, search algorithm...

Finally we cannot forget about social networks. This new phenomenon that has taken over all of us is very important. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram or others are another channel we can take advantage of to reach people who have a mobile and periodically check their profile (Most of us, right?). We identify which can bring the most benefit to you and how you use them most effectively.

Thanks to our SEO/SEM/SM campaigns your potential clients FIND YOUR WEB PAGE or PROFILE ON THE INTERNET
Web hosting - email - domain management
Our philosophy is to offer our clients a complete service. That is why AST System has its own infrastructure to host you web page and email.

You will have at your disposition a specialized service which takes into account everything related to the presence of your business on the Internet; from the booking and management of your domain, DNS configuration, email account configuration, Webmail, subdomains and other etc.

We work with the foremost and most modern web programing technology (ATRX, ASPX, PHP, SQL, MDaemon).
In addition we follow all the required steps for the optimal management of your domain from the purchase, DNS management, renewal, subdomains, etc.
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