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Servicios personalizados To us you are not just another number but a person with specific requirements which our experienced team meets with specific solutions.

Many other companies assign your problem an incident number or provide a basic level of customer service.
Our obligations is to know who you are , when you call, what your IT situation is and that you will be attended by a person who can solve your problem at the first call..
Reparación y venta de ordenadores y perifA©ricos
IT and financial consulting
Consultoría informatica y fiscal Whatever your technical requirements are we help you put them in place. We specialize in multiple IT areas (networks, security, equipment, Wi-Fi, programing, databases,...) which enable us to offer you a global perspective.

We help you with a personalized assessment to see what the best options for your company are..
Thanks to this you can, for example, increase your sales in your virtual shop, your productivity by increasing your network and IT equipment speed or improve your system security by implementing preventive measures, system backups or access control.
In the area of financial consulting we help you identify the best financial advantage by finding simplification and time saving thanks to computerization of your processes to optimize your work.
We are the answer to your IT and financial management needs.
Consultoría informatica y fiscal

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